Walking into the Sunset

Last Rays of Sunshine

I love clothes. I’ve always loved clothes. I’m finally admitting it to you. World: I love fashion. 

I’ve never been able to draw well. So for me, finding unique pieces of clothing, making them work for me, and sharing them with the world, is as close to art as I’ll get.

I’ve always been afraid to start a fashion blog, because it felt shallow and silly. But, screw it. I love fashion! I’m going to proudly proclaim it to the world.

Welcome to my fancy, fully redesigned, blog!

What should you expect? Well – I’ll be having fun with clothes and shopping, sharing refashioning projects, posting some Seattle street fashion  (If I actually get up the courage to approach random people…), and general life stuff.

Without Further Ado – here’s a lot of pictures of me (and one of someone else):

I recently went out thrifting with friend, Becca. We hit up some shops and did some significant damage.

Say hello Becca!

Say hello Becca!

Every beautiful weekend Seattle sees (particularly in September) I assume will be the last. This is why – when I stumbled upon this lovely sundress (from the 80s) in one of my favorite vintage shops, I was hesitant to lay down my credit card. But, I love the print more than life itself, so I walked out of the shop in it (having paid of course). If this was to be the last nice day of the year, I would enjoy it in my lovely new dress!

Hello World! First picture!

Hello World! First pickture (See what I did there?)!

Also, because of the unique print, I plan on falling (my own word) up the dress with my new oxford leather jacket (also thrifted yesterday), leggings, and flats.


Crazy hand and goofy smile

Fancy lighting made photos on an iPhone 5 surprisingly fun! Also, the staircase in the midst of Capitol Hill helped as well!

And this is how a girl poses with her skirt.

And this is how a girl poses with her skirt.

The dress came from Trove boutique in Ballard. The combat boots are old favorites from…um….Target? Don’t hold me to that one.

Walking into the Sunset

Walking into the Sunset

 Please watch for this blog to develop further in the future. I promise there will be more than just lots of pictures of me in sundresses…And with that, happy end of summer!

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